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FUTUREMAKERS, illustrated by Alexis Tsegba


As a multinational fashion and lifestyle brand, Zalando knows that talent isn’t aligned to just one type of person, culture or identity. Collaborating with our artist Alexis Tsegba, the German brand has produced a series of original portraits called FUTUREMAKERS, elevating Black women creators across Europe and within the Beauty industry.


Traditionally, Black History Month has been used as a month of learning for all nations, managed by established institutions whose part-taking in the colonisation of African countries has heavily impacted the way we all live today. 


FUTUREMAKERS is focused on times ahead - introducing Emma Brown, Evelyne Sarah Afaawua and Julie Beljio as three women from different backgrounds using their creativity to reshape what the future of beauty can look like. By centering their stories, Zalando offers each FUTUREMAKER a platform to speak for herself, encouraging the universal movement of Black women to see themselves as beautiful and pursue success through self-empowerment and acceptance.


Black History Month is a period of connection. I started to feel beautiful the moment I started to understand myself and how to take care of my body naturally… If you feel beautiful, you are beautiful!

Evelyne Sarah Afaawua:

Ghanian Italian Hair & Beauty Influencer,

Afro Hair Entrepreneur

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The Art of Solitude is

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