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Brunel Johnson X PORT Magazine

Studio PI documentary photographer and film-maker Brunel Johnson has been interviewed for PORT Magazine. This article is a powerful and intimate reflection on Brunel’s most recent endeavour “Can You See Me Now?”. A four-part series highlighting the issues faced by Black and minority ethnic people within different aspects of society - with the ultimate goal of steering change.


“The mic isn’t being given to those who are truly affected and that needs to change.”


Brunel says: 'Being a Black creative in this industry can be frustrating. You’re in a constant upward struggle to achieve a basic human right – to just live. And this can really take a toll on you mentally. Simply screaming, complaining and protesting gets you easily labelled and tossed aside. So how do you tell your pain, struggles and experiences while making those who wouldn’t normally listen, listen? It has to be done creatively. In my opinion, anyway.


I believe these stories are important and need to be told, especially with how the world is right now. The mic isn’t being given to those who are truly affected and that needs to change. How will people understand what is happening in these communities if it’s always the white gaze of the media telling us what they think we feel? 

Read Brunel's full interview and watch 'Can You See Me Now' here


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