Brunel Johnson: Can You See Me Now X Lighthouse Gallery 

In light of Black History Month celebrations, Studio PI documentary photographer and filmmaker Brunel Johnson collaborated with the Lighthouse Gallery to exhibit a personal project, offering insight into the young lives impacted by negative stereotypes within our society with the aim of empowering them. 


Can You See Me Now?, asks people within Black, Asian and other groups pertaining to the global majority, to express their struggles, feelings and experiences of living in Britain. 


Meticulously curated by the gallery's founder Sokari Higgwe, the event is open from October 7th to October 31st and is free to enter.


All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to three charities who continue to help, support and celebrate Black lives within our communities: United Borders,

RE: Sole! and Rise 365.

The Art of Solitude is

a powerful photo-essay by London-based fashion and documentary photographer Ejatu Shaw, that featured in The Sunday Times Magazine. Perfectly capturing