Campaign Publishing Awards 2021: Launch of the Year

Studio PI: A Breath of Fresh Air

We are very excited to announce that we’ve won ‘Launch of the Year’ at the Campaign Publishing Awards! 


The Campaign Publishing Award “recognises the best launch on any platform, in any format, whether standalone or as a complement to an existing product or product mix.” - Campaign


The final shortlist included a line up of The Week Junior US Launch: Dennis Publishing, Channel 4’s launch of 4Studio and ICAEW and Sunday: Sunday. 


This being our very first award, we’re humbled to be recognised for what we’re trying to do only seven months after opening our doors. 


Ever changing and ever growing, the communications arena is exciting and fast paced. With the intention of learning how to engage audiences in ways which feel real, relatable and right, expectations are set and re-framed by media owners constantly. 


In response to our mission and the progress we’ve started to make within the industry, the judges said Studio PI ‘was a ‘breath of fresh air’ that responded to a ‘desperate need in the industry’ and that we offered a ‘very necessary service, and one which addresses a real gap with considerable class.’


“It’s a huge honour to be presented with this award and we’re incredibly blessed to have such a talented roster of artists that entrusted us to represent them in the best way that we can.”


Sachini Imbuldeniya, Founder and Managing Director: Studio PI


We’re making small steps to reshape this industry for future generations of creatives and something like this just reassures us that we’re on the right path.


Our founder, Sachini says ‘Thank you SO much to all of the clients, brands and agencies that have promoted us, championed us and commissioned our artists. We’re incredibly grateful for your support. A special thanks also, to the amazing Studio PI team who work relentlessly because they believe so passionately in the vision and everything we’re trying to achieve.’


You can read more about our win in Campaign, here.

The Art of Solitude is

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