Holly Willoughby, Photographed by Chantel King

Chantel King x Holly Willoughby x Stylist Magazine 

Whether you’re a fan of great TV that gets the nation talking, spend your sparks at Marks (& Spencer) or you’re one of her 7.3 million Instagram followers, it’s hard to deny the presence and influence of presenter Holly Willoughby. 

As a familiar face on daytime television, Holly’s been across some of the biggest entertainment moments of the past two decades but following a two-year journey of reconnecting with herself, she’s found pastures new. Shot by Chantel King for September’s issue of Stylist Magazine, Holly opens up about the journey which led to the launch of her website Wylde Moon.

“When you’re doing a job like mine, you are familiar to people,” she says. “They see you all the time and people think they know you… One of the things that’s really helped me in this journey to reconnecting with myself is throwing myself into things that have made me feel alive again,” she explains, “so I wanted to create a space where I could share that.”

The Art of Solitude is

a powerful photo-essay by London-based fashion and documentary photographer Ejatu Shaw, that featured in The Sunday Times Magazine. Perfectly capturing