One Woman Show

To earn the title of a “one woman show” you’ve got to be one heck of a force… Cush Jumbo is an Olivier nominated British actress and writer widely recognised as the attorney in the CBS legal drama series: The Good Fight. With an exciting type of energy, she fires into the room like a cannonball for her interview.


Her most recent screenplay as a grieving mother in a six part series titled ‘The Beast Must Die’ brought about a rollercoaster of emotions for the actress. “Knocked me off my feet. Things like this don’t land on my doorstep every day.” she said. 


Jumbo, who stays in a league of her own harnessing a mass of talents, left the U.K as a struggling actor and returned as a highly regarded professional of her craft. Shot here for the cover shoot of The Guardian Weekend by Studio PI photographer Chantel King, she dives deeper into her personal life, editorialising her relationship with her husband before they got married and how blindfolded she was about his feelings towards her to him going all out to support her career. 







It is hard to think of a British actor who comes close in range,

depth and sheer vitality to Jumbo who, at 35, is at the height of her powers.


Emma Brockes, Writer: the Guardian Weekend

The Art of Solitude is

a powerful photo-essay by London-based fashion and documentary photographer Ejatu Shaw, that featured in The Sunday Times Magazine. Perfectly capturing