Truth by Sneha Shanker

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Rebirth Collection

The latest wave of arts graduates face challenges greater than any that have come before, so we partnered with Creative Review on a project called Rebirth to make that brave step into a new and fulfilling career feel less daunting.

Rebirth is a collection of five images with a mission to provide the next generation of creatives with hope for a brighter future. They portray the magic that can emerge from the darkest of places and signify the bravery and potential for a new start.

Studio PI’s Founder Sachini Imbuldeniya says:

‘Arts education is about discovery It’s where you find your creative voice, and for too many that’s been taken away. But we’re already seeing the volume of commissions increasing as we emerge into a different world.

We’ve all faced chal­lenges – whether loneliness, managing childcare, anxiety or depression, struggling to make ends meet, or losing loved ones to Covid – and it can be hard to find a creative spark among all that. But our artists have been determined to succeed and have invested themselves into creating fresh and dynamic work.’

The illustrators featured include: Alexis Tsegba, Janice Chang, Sneha Shanker, Ngadi Smart and Frieda Ruh.


Moon For the Taking by Alexis Tsegba


It’s about having the ambition to pursue what our hearts truly desire, and having the courage to ask for what we want, push past fear and keep trying, no matter how many times we fail. And it’s about having that steely, dogged determination to follow our dreams, no matter what others might think, or what hurdles are thrown at us.



Nurture by Janice Chang


It’s all about a fresh start. With some nurturing, care and growth, a brighter future will seem much more attainable.



Visualising a Bright Future for All by Ngadi Smart


Don’t listen to the noise. listen to your own voice and keep going.



Make It Epic by Frieda Ruh


Sometimes life can be extremely tough, and in these times it’s always so tempting to give up on your dreams and switch to survival mode, but we have the ­power to shape our future. Even if it’s a real struggle, the work you put in now will pay off.