Illustration by Harriet Noble

Coca Cola: A World without Waste

They say with great power comes great responsibility. When it comes to sustainability, big businesses must step up. Harriet’s latest paper artistry is used as a force for good in her partnership with Coca-Cola, showcasing their global vision for a “World without Waste”, where food and beverage packaging is disposed of or repurposed responsibly.


Consumers around the world care about our planet. They want and expect companies like ours to be leaders and help make a litter-free world possible. Through our World Without Waste vision, we are investing in our planet to help make the world’s packaging problem a thing of the past.

James Quincey, President and CEO, The Coca‑Cola Company

StudioPI_HarrietNoble_TheTimes_CocaColaSustainibility (1).png

Coca Cola: Sustainability, by Harriet Noble

StudioPI_HarrietNoble_TheTimes_CocaColaRecycling copy.jpg

Coca Cola: Recycling, by Harriet Noble

The Art of Solitude is

a powerful photo-essay by London-based fashion and documentary photographer Ejatu Shaw, that featured in The Sunday Times Magazine. Perfectly capturing