Tsunaina, Photographed by Jameela Elfaki

Azeema Magazine: Rituals

Drawing influence from the four elements of nature: water, fire, air and earth, Studio PI photographer Jameela Elfaki created a series of images titled Rituals for her magazine Azeema, celebrating the different cultures and identities that make up our society but are often left out of key narratives. 


Incorporating earthy and aquatic elements integrated with deeply rooted cultural references of her heritage, Nepali artist Tsunaina, graces the front pages of two out of five covers, with her warm and transcendental nature. Highlighted are the significant influences shaping her phenomenal sound and rituals that have kept her grounded and acclimating to unconventional territory.


Shining in full force on covers 3 and 4 is the multi-faceted power house Rimon. Being of Eritrean and Ethiopian descent and raised in Amsterdam, the musician speaks of diving deeper into the rituals from her motherland and how the elements fire, earth and air are reflected through inspiration taken from her East African heritage. Jameela intentionally uses Jagua henna, kohl, charcoal coffee and blue flame as major inspirations for this shoot, embracing her origins and the importance of intertwining this within her artistry. 


Closing the series with a community spirit, the final cover stars a range of women from different cultural backgrounds and reflects on the existence of immigrants and the daughters of immigrants, whose cultures, creativity, resilience and light built the structures of what we call Great Britain.

Azeema: Rituals, Photographed by Jameela Elfaki

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