Best of Enemies

Inspired by the documentary by Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon, “Best of Enemies”

is the bold new play by James Graham for The Young VIC Theatre.


With powerfully evocative themes of racism, homophobia and violence at its core, the production takes place in 1968 – a year of protest that divided America. Capturing the intensity of human emotion, Kofi’s photography highlights the story of a political feud between two men as they strive to become President of a grievously jagged nation, unaware of the indefinite changes they are about to make to television, news and American politics.

The Art of Solitude is

a powerful photo-essay by London-based fashion and documentary photographer Ejatu Shaw, that featured in The Sunday Times Magazine. Perfectly capturing 

Photography by Kofi Paintsil

Kofi Paintsil x The Young VIC_MainImage.jpg