Illustration by Ngadi Smart

AMT Youth Programme:
Future Utopia


Utopia always seems like a distant heavenly daydream, not easily achievable but still fun to dream about. I wanted to represent a utopia that was within anyone’s reach.

The quiet amongst the noise.

Studio PI Illustrator, Harriet Noble

AMT Youth Programme, in collaboration with Alice Made This, have commissioned six Studio PI artists to create a series of exceptional limited edition prints in support of the AMT Youth Programme, (AMTYP) a Community Interest Company supporting South East London’s young Black men and women with access to work experience in the creative industries.

Many of the young people on board have expressed their positive attitude to the programme, with feedback speaking to having developed more confidence, added to their networks and been involved in new experiences which have been enriching and fed their passion for sharing their creativity.

Masterfully named, the Future Utopia series showcases each artist’s personal vision of an ideal world for these young creatives and is carefully hand signed.


We don’t know what the future will be, we will have to discover it step by step.

Studio PI Illustrator, Ana Yael


I’m a huge football fan and I love the way football brings different people together. Wouldn’t it be great if people united and had that same passion for causes like; racial equality, gender equality and understanding and respecting LGBTQ+ rights?

Studio PI Illustrator, Daryl Rainbow


What was once our future is soon our past... for me I really like to put the focus on positivity, being proud and seeing your own worth.

Studio PI Illustrator, Frieda Ruh


I wanted to represent a utopia that was within anyone’s reach. The quiet amongst the noise.

Studio PI Illustrator, Harriet Noble


My concept for the piece was of a creativity spark contrasted with the silhouettes of young Black people and freedom to create

Studio PI Illustrator, Ngadi Smart


The words for my piece are diverse community, feeling of oneness, support and nature as a part of us.

Studio PI Illustrator, Sneha Shanker

100% of the profits are shared equally between each artist and the AMT Youth Programme.

To purchase your very own signed, limited edition print and support this great initiative and the brilliant people who have helped make it possible, click here

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